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Pre-K Program

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Pre-K Program 

 If your child will be turning five in the later part of this year or will be five by January 7th they would be eligible to enroll in this class. The class is designed to enhance readiness skills for kindergarten in addition to giving your children 5 days of school.

Our program is designed to further develop your child’s readiness skills for their entrance into kindergarten. More emphasis on letter recognition, letter sounds, math concepts, science, social studies and social interactions involving team work will be involved.

Children who would be eligible to enter into kindergarten this fall or turning five by January 7th will have more time in a preschool setting with a pre-kindergarten component. The children would be a part of our regular four’s class on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9-1:00 exploring our yearly themes. On Tuesday and Thursday they would attend class from 9-12:00 in the Pre-K program with a totally different curriculum and focus.

Children who do not attend CCNS but are enrolled in another preschool program would be eligible to enroll in our Tuesday and Thursday program if space is available.