Start your child on a lifelong journey to learning...


Our primary goals are to encourage the growth of independence in each child and to help build a strong self-image.  By giving children the opportunity to make social contacts within a small group, we establish the foundation for sharing, cooperation and initiative.  Above all, we strive to achieve an atmosphere where each child finds school an inviting place to learn with warm and caring teachers to guide and parents who care.


Canton Community Nursery School's goals are to:

  • Help prepare your child for their role as a "life-long learner". 
  • Provide a developmentally appropriate program in a caring setting where children feel free to explore a variety of activities, leading to new and exciting discoveries.
  • Encourage independence, by setting up our learning environment in such a way that allows students to have access to materials, and activities for sensory experiences and exploration.  It also allows students to have greater control over making choices and deciding how to spend their time.
  • Encourage students to use their imaginations, and follow their natural curiosity to develop problem-solving skills.
  • Provide an atmosphere where all individuals, regardless of gender, ability, ethnic, racial background or religion, feel comfortable and welcome.
  • Provide support and reassurance so that students are willing to "take risks", building self-esteem.
  • Be sensitive to each student's feelings, while helping them develop an undersanding of how others feel, building tolerance, sympathy, and acceptance.
  • Encourage students to use words to express emotions and feelings.
  • Help children learn how to function as part of a group, cooperating with peers and adults other than his/her parents.
  • Help children learn to transition from one activity to another.