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Enrichment Programs

Beginning in March each year, we offer two enrichment programs. We have found that at this point in the school year our students are ready for the additional programs that are being offered. Both have a minimal charge to attend.

Lunch Bunch

The first enrichment program is held each Tuesday for our currently enrolled 3's students. Since they will be entering into the 4's program the following year, they are offered the opportunity to stay for an additional hour of programming and to bring their lunch to enjoy with their classmates and teachers. This 9-10-week session helps to prepare the children for a typical day in the next year’s four-year-old program.

Fourth Day

The second enrichment program is offered to students currently enrolled in our 4's program. Enrolled students attend class from 12:30-3:00 on Thursday afternoons, exploring a curriculum revolving around our Community. We start by mapping out our homes; floor plan, and build onto that concept by expanding it to out street, neighborhood, and community at large. Depending on regulations at that time, students are able to explore local businesses as well as town and municipal offices in the areas. The curriculum develops a sense of community understanding and lends itself beautifully to a social studies enrichment of the world as a whole. We have found that many of the children are ready to take part in an additional day of school, preparing them for the following year of a five-day Kindergarten schedule.