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Cooperative Education

The success of our programs depend upon you, the families and friends of our students.  We need your time, talents, and enthusiasm to make our school a happy and rewarding experience for your child.

Parents are asked to drive on field-trips, help with fund-raisers, and assist in the classroom on a scheduled, rotating basis.  Your participation enhances the quality of our programs and gives you an opportunity to play an active role in your child's early learning experiences.

What does a Cooperative Education mean for you the Parent/Guardian of a Preschool Student enrolled at CCNS?

At Canton Community Nursery School belonging to a cooperative program means that you get to be involved in the classroom and see first hand the importance of an early childhood program for your child . We ask that parents/guardians or any significant adult in your child’s life such as grandparents, aunts or uncles to spend the day in class with us.


The opportuity to see first hand your child interacting with classmates, friends and their teachers is such an rewarding experience. Having that significant adult in your child’s life spend the day with them in their class is so special for your child. They are thrilled to show you all that they can do and to have you share and enjoy the day with them.

If your child is enrolled in our threes class we ask that you spend just three times during the school year volunteering in our classroom. Parents of students in our four’s program are asked to volunteer four times in a school year in the classroom.


What are the benefits of a Cooperative Preschool experience?

For Your Child:

  • The shared experience of parent and child participating in school activities
  • Supportive and interractive relationships with adults other than their own family and teachers
  • A safe and nurturing environment designed and equipped for young children that encourages curiosity and creativity

For You:

  • Time to observe your child interacting with a consistent group of peers
  • The opportunity to meet, socialize, and cooperate with a diverse group of parents from your community
  • Heightened awareness of your child's development and needs which leads to a stronger family and closer relationship with your child
  • A support network of other families in similar situations
  • An increased sense of community
  • Close relationship with your child's teachers
  • A voice in school decisions and policy making



How Do Parents Help Out?

Classroom Participation 

When it is your day to assist in the classroom, your child gets to have his/her "Special Day", on which they get to do certain special activities such as being line leader, helping serve the snack, and helping with the weather report.  Your child will really look forward to having their special days, both to introduce you to their friends, and also to show you their classroom. 

Over the course of the school year, we ask that parents assist in the classroom a minimum of 3 days in our three's program and four days in our four's program. Parents act as teacher's aides - supervising, reading, writing, interacting, and playing with the children as is needed during the course of each school day. Parent helpers arrive 5-10 minutes early.  In the 4s class, helpers are encourage to bring a lunch to enjoy with your child and their classmates.  

Special Helpers don't always have to be the child's parent.  We have had grandparents, aunts, uncles, and special friends spend the day in the classroom too.

Our Parent Liason creates our helper calendar before our parent evening that takes place prior to the first day of class. You are scheduled for just one of your days by our board member, that is a time for you to be in the classroom as close to your child's birthday as possible to celebrate that special day in your child's life. If your child has a summer birthday you are scheduled in to celebrate their half birthday. At our parent evening you will then be able to choose the other days you would like to help us in the classroom. If you are unable to come in on your special day we encourage you to reach out to another family to try and switch a day. If that is not possible no need to worry just bring in your class snack as usual. We will still have the day as your child's special day. You are welcome to choose another day that works for your schedule 

Providing Snacks

This classroom is a Nut-Free,Sesame Free facility.

Parents are required to provide their child's snack each day.

Board Meetings

The school is governed by a Board of Directors and is staffed with qualified professionals.  The Board of Directors, which handles the business and administrative duties of the school, consists of the director, the staff and parent volunteers. 

All currently enrolled families are invited to attend the monthly Board meeting.  These meetings are important vehicles for setting school policies, planning special school activities and events, and for communicating about the current classroom climate. 

Work Days

Parents are asked to assist us once during the year for 2 -3 hours, working on a work day project.  Most work days involve helping with a project that enhances the health and safety of our environment for the children. Cleaning and bleaching of toys over long breaks or maintenance of larger outdoor equipment that may need cleaning up or sanding.If you are a contractor, landscaper, painter or have another special talent, please let us know and we will be happy to put your talents to use!