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4's Program Details

Class Schedule

The four year old classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 9:00-12:30.  Two teachers and up to 18 students, along with an adult volunteer, participate in class each day.  In order to enroll, children must turn four by December 31st, and be toilet trained and in underpants.

Special Day /Volunteers:

On your child’s special day they take on the roll of line leader, calendar and weather reporter in addition to setting the table for their classmates. Any significant adult in your child’s life is welcome in the classroom as a volunteer. We ask enrolled families to volunteer only 4 days over the course of the school year.  We welcome you more often if you are able to help.

A typical day for our students provides for an extra hour of program time. This extra time begins to expose our students to a little longer school day. Our class is structured to provide opportunities for large group time as well as small group activities, working with a few peers or individually with a teacher on varying activities. Children in our four’s program bring their lunch to school each day to share in the social aspect of conversation and meal time together. We have found this addition to our program to be rewarding and educational.

We attend monthly field trips with students to a variety of locations, all of which enhance our curriculum based on the current month’s themes. An additional fee may be charged for some of our trips. We encourage parents to assist by chaperoning and driving on field trips, although this is optional.


A typical day in the four’s


9:00   Arrival / Group Choice time

9:20   Group Story

9:45   Small group Art / Choice time

10:30 Clean-up / Bathroom / Snack

10:50 Small Group Activity

11:10 Group Circle time / Music

11:40 Bathroom / Lunch

12:10 Outside

12:30 Parent pick-up


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CCNS Takes Class Outside

Canton Community Nursery School has developed a program our four year old class.

Based on the teachings of Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv we have designated one day a month through out the school year to holding class outside. With the exception of below freezing temperatures or pouring rain, class is held outside. The children, staff and families love it! Children arrive each day sign in and start their day outside. Art, science, story, music, snack and play are held outside. We enter into the building for the last 30 minutes of our 3 ½ hour program to eat lunch and make journal entries. If we are not at the school itself, we are out visiting one of the land trust properties. When the children return to the school they again make entries into their journals about new discoveries or changes that have taken place since our last visit. No additional fees are charged for this program.